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The BOT Route to A BIG

I have been wondering why the elite have suddenly taken a fancy to a Basic Income Grant (BIG). Turns out, our progress as a species is tremendous, but has a fatal flaw - we be making I and I redundant.... Continue Reading →

Moral Outrage and Inequality – Self-serving?

Ouch!  This article argues - based on studies that moral outrage is self-serving. It is an interesting argument, suggesting that our moral outrage is self-serving, and that we do this to cover up our own guilt. Click if you feeling... Continue Reading →

Xenophobia in South Africa: Unequal opportunities drive violence

Xenophobia in South Africa: Unequal opportunities drive violence These are my speaking notes from an event organised by The Star newspaper on xenophobia in South Africa held in June 2008. Unfortunately, nine years later the same argument applies. All data... Continue Reading →

Pocket Pikkety –

Thomas  Pikkety's  "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" is a vital read in inequality. But, it is a long, long read. Someone needed to a shorter and accurate summary, and Jesper Roine has done just that with Pocket Pikkety.   The sales copy made... Continue Reading →

Stiglitz – American Inequality Did Not Just Happen

Joseph Stiglitz discusses American inequality. He argues in an article on Evonomics: American inequality didn’t just happen. It was created. Market forces played a role, but it was not market forces alone. In a sense, that should be obvious: economic... Continue Reading →

What do we really know about income inequality?

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) provides a summary of inequality in the G20 countries. It makes important conclusions, including that “income inequality makes it harder for poor families to benefit from economic growth.”

Work In Progress

Uma Rani Amara, Senior Economist, Marianne Furrer, Research Officer

If you watch the news or read the papers, chances are you have heard about income inequality. The issue is complex and polarizing. But what does income inequality really mean?

For anyone who’s still in the dark about income inequality, it’s essentially the uneven way in which income is distributed within a population. The rich keep getting richer but everyone else’s income stays the same or decreases.

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How Dataviz Can Unintentionally Perpetuate Inequality

I consider visualising data to be a crucial step in ensuring that people understand whatever I am trying to explain. There are of course, good visualisations and bad visualisations. I have had my share of both. But, what if visualisations... Continue Reading →

Basic Income and Markets

An interesting argument, by Scott Santens on Basic Income and markets, specifically startups. An argument for a link between a basic income and entrepreneurship.  Scott Santens has a crowdfunded monthly basic income and has been a moderator of the Basic... Continue Reading →

Coffee and the minimum wage – A short reflection

Coffee and the minimum wage - Huge congratulations to the NEDLAC partners on agreeing to a national minimum wage. (edit: written just before the signing was cancelled) Over a chat at my local coffee shop, I chatted about the minimum... Continue Reading →

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