Stephen Hawking discusses inequality

Stephen Hawking's contribution to science is immense, as was his ability to produce excellence despite his disease. Hawking's in the linked article tackles questions on inequality, linking changes in technology to questions of inequality. He writes: With not only jobs but entire industries disappearing, we must help people to retrain for a new world and … Continue reading Stephen Hawking discusses inequality

World Inequality Report 2018

The World Inequality Lab has released the World Inequality Report 2018.  What is the World Inequality Lab? The World Inequality Lab aims to promote research on global inequality dynamics. Its core mission is to maintain and expand the World Wealth and Income Database. It also produces inequality reports and working papers addressing substantive and methodological … Continue reading World Inequality Report 2018

Universal Basic Income Plus Blockchain = Equality?

universal basic income block chain

The future might be more equal if we can create a new unit of value and exchange, and have a floor that no one falls under. Sounds dreamy, even impossible? Martin Kirk and Andy Milenius argue that this possible today: UBI is a progressive idea whose time may be coming, but the devil is in … Continue reading Universal Basic Income Plus Blockchain = Equality?

Universal Basic Assets: A manifesto for a more equitable future

This is an excellent contribution to understanding the role of assets in addressing inequality. The Institute for the Future has produced a Universal Basic Assets (UBA) framework and manifesto, we focus on three broad classes of assets: Private assets include money, land, and housing. Public assets refer to infrastructure and services like education, health, and public utilities. … Continue reading Universal Basic Assets: A manifesto for a more equitable future