Gender and Inequality – Special Issue

Stumbled across an insightful and challenging special issue of Gender and Development  that focuses on gender and inequalities. The  blurb reads as:


Patterns of poverty and inequality are changing, and challenging the ways we understand development. Today’s increasing polarisation between rich and poor in middle-income and high-income countries highlights the flaw in the notion that economic growth heralds ‘progress’ and ‘development’ for humanity. The articles in this issue of G&D, from a wide range of voices in international development research, policy and practice, offer a gendered perspective on inequalities. The very pervasiveness of gender inequality, and the way it intensifies other forms of inequality, demands that policymakers should focus on it as a central concern when considering issues of poverty and inequality, and when thinking of development not just in terms of GDP, but as social justice and economic well-being for all.

It provided me with an entry into the literature on gender and inequality, and highlighted several blind spots in my understandings.

Link- Gender and Development Special Issue on Inequalities

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