Andrew Yang (US Presidential Candidate) makes the case for Universal Basic Income

Andrew Yang is a 43 old entrepreneur and politician running as a candidate to become the Democratic candidate President of the United States of America. Watch his advert motivating for Universal Basic Income (UBI). It is fascinating take on taking the idea of  a UBI to a wider electorate.  In essence, robots are coming for our jobs and because that is inevitable, we need a UBI.


Some details on the why, what, how and especially how much of this version of UBI is covered in the next video.  Most intriguingly is he makes the argument that income tax becomes very efficient way to raise taxes as automation increases, and this requires the introduction of a Value Added Tax (VAT).


I have little idea whether Mr. Yang will be even remotely successful in his campaign, but that might not be important. If he can rally support behind the idea of UBI, it will gain wider acceptance and that is important.

In a historical perspective (and this why I am sharing the videos) I was introduced to Basic Income Grant (BIG) by a motley crew of outsiders in civil society coming from churches, trade unions and non-governmental organisations. The video signifies for me an important widening of support for the universal basic income, even if the premises that guide the support are different.

Hat Tip: Thomas Paine

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