Equality and Safety – Useful starter list of readings

Inequality.org has prepared a useful list of studies that explore the link between inequality and safety. The roundup has a context.  Sam Pizzigati sets the context:

Last months homicidal horror at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida has Americans searching for answers to the most elemental question a parent can ever ask. How can we, Americans want to know, protect our kids?

In doing so, he asks a tough question – is gun control enough to bring down violence or will deeper changes be needed? I support gun control and found the summary of articles important and interesting, as it begins to make a case for linking gun control with wider equality reforms. In a sense, it is about bringing equality into the debate on gun control.

There is a wider literature on the subject but the article provides a couple of links that are important and interesting. The article can be found at this link. 

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