Universal Basic Income – Deposits at the Central Bank

Rajiv Sethi, Professor of Economics at Barnard College, Columbia University, and External Professor, the Santa Fe Institute, argues for a universal basic income and raises substantive issues on the implications for the financial sector. Two insights are important in this article: The idea that a universal basic income ┬áneed not be a fixed nominal amount: … Continue reading Universal Basic Income – Deposits at the Central Bank

Moral Outrage and Inequality – Self-serving?

Ouch! ┬áThis article argues - based on studies that moral outrage is self-serving. It is an interesting argument, suggesting that our moral outrage is self-serving, and that we do this to cover up our own guilt. Click if you feeling a little guilty.┬á A couple of excerpts below. The basic premise: When people publicly rage … Continue reading Moral Outrage and Inequality – Self-serving?