Pakistan – What looks like poverty is actually inequality.

In the linked article S. Akbar Zaidi provides an important introduction to some of the debates on inequality in Pakistan, and is so doing reminds me that some challenges remain universal.

For many Pakistanis, especially the privileged, this evidence is difficult to accept, for they think they see poverty everywhere. What they actually see is inequality, which they perceive, in a commonsense, common-parlance way, to mean poverty. Poverty, the way it has been defined and measured academically and by the government, simply means that people do not have a certain income to purchase a pre-designated bundle of goods, largely food and other items.

Academic evidence points to a very sharp fall in poverty in Pakistan, in that more of those who were poor have moved out of poverty and can now purchase better and more food and other goods, such as education, healthcare and better housing. Inequality, on the other hand, has grown markedly in Pakistan despite the fall in poverty.

Link to the article. Inequality, not poverty

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