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This is why the quantitative rigor and logic of economics must be supplemented with the empathy and wisdom of the humanities.

Report: Reversing Inequality

What will it take to reverse inequality? The Next Systems Project and the Institute for Policy Studies launched a new report outlining a full menu of “interventions” to reduce income and wealth inequality and address some of the systemic drivers... Continue Reading →

Pikkety Popular, But Excluded Economist? Maybe, superstar firms?

Thomas Piketty’s book Capital in the Twenty-First Century is bestseller. But, according to Marshall Steinbaum the economics profession are ignoring Piketty.  Steinbaum writes:   But despite Piketty’s resonance with public experience and apparent applicability to the economic environment of global finance, his book... Continue Reading →

Branko Milanovic on why should we care about inequality

An important, interesting and accessible article on why we should care about inequality. Three reasons are advanced. From the article   Every inequality in the treatment or position of individuals – including inequality in income and wealth – requires understanding... Continue Reading →

Chinese Inequality – Upward Revision

A new paper by Thomas Piketty, Li Yang, Gabriel Zucman provides an important understanding of inequality in China. Of significance is that the paper provides a  "sharp upward revision of official inequality estimates". Below is the abstract, and the paper can... Continue Reading →

How does income #inequality differ across the globe? Easy #dataviz makes it a little easier

UNU-Wider has created a super easy tool to visualise inequality, and they have a GIF to prove it 🙂  The tool provides some useful drop downs and filters to quickly get accurate data on inequality. To access the tool, click... Continue Reading →

Universal Basic Income – Deposits at the Central Bank

Rajiv Sethi, Professor of Economics at Barnard College, Columbia University, and External Professor, the Santa Fe Institute, argues for a universal basic income and raises substantive issues on the implications for the financial sector. Two insights are important in this... Continue Reading →

Glass Ceilings and Gender Equality in The Workplace #womensday2017

Gender Pay Gap Across The World #womensday2017

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